I am very pleased with the Maca. One of the things I particularly notice is that it appears to have stopped my hair from thinning. Since I have been taking it I have noticed considerable regrowth of hair all over my head. I don’t think I was actually losing more hair than is normal before taking the Maca but I think the follicles were becoming sluggish and lazy and the hair I was losing was not being replaced. The hair follicles now seem to have a new lease on life. Carmen Ross-Munro – Sydney, Australia


On my 1st visit to a Naturopath, he used an electrode test to measure different components of fitness, ie; fluid level, body fat mass, liver function and biological cell age.  The results were shocking.  I thought I was fairly fit at 47, but he said my biological age was 70 years.  I told him I had just commenced taking Maca Powder and would be interested to see what happened.

It took three months for me to finally book a follow-up visit.  He told me we had a lot of work ahead of us.  I asked him if he would mind repeating the electrode test first.  While I was amazed at the results, the look on his face was nothing less than shock and surprise.  While my whole body was in effect healing itself, my biological cell age had now dropped to 64 years.  He had heard good things about Maca Powder but here were actual results he could see.  I threw away the Naprosyn tablets I had been taking for the last 10 years, a miracle in itself.  (On a rare visit to my doctor I told him this.  His reply was not, as you would expect, a positive one.  He told me reprieves were not unusual but to expect a relapse, maybe major.  I laughed at his negativity and left).  My naturopath insisted I keep taking Maca.  Six weeks later my body is still healing, biological cell age 57.8 years.  Whilst I have undergone a major lifestyle change in many areas of my life, thanks to Elaine’s book, diet, water intake, non-toxic products,  I attribute the greatest change in my body to Maca.  Elaine, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the profound change you have made in my life. Eileen Boyd - Tullamarine, Australia