About Us

Years ago when I was grappling with the problems women face in menopause when, just as my friends and I needed it most, I discovered Maca, a health-giving cruciferous root vegetable that grows only in the High Andes of Peru. Used for over 10,000 years, this ancient remedy has proven to be of great benefit in dealing with both female and male ailments, and as a general aid to wellbeing and good health. I take a lot of time and “digging” before committing, but after reading about Maca in an American medical journal, in 1998, I ordered enough Maca to experiment on myself and four friends. We were all thrilled by its effects, so I became a reluctant pioneer and was the first person to grapple with Australia’s Theraputic goods Administration (TGA) in order to obtain permission to bring it in. Now many others are importing this nutrient. Some is good, but some is not properly grown (it is pale in colour and doesn’t “work”) and some has additives we wouldn’t touch, such as guarana (caffeine) and some is in contaminated animal gelatin capsules. Regrettably, such inferior products are giving Maca a bad reputation. Elaine Hollingsworth